One Strange Rock | Nutopia | National Geographic Channel


One Strange Rock : Awakening

Dir: Chris Baron

Nutopia/Protozoa/National Geographic     


This World: Born Too White    

Dir:  Clare Richards                         

Dragonfly Film & TV/ BBC2   


The Story of China (Ep 6) 

 Dir:  Rebecca Dobbs & Michael Wood

 Maya Vision TV/ BBC 2                               



Dir:  Barney Douglas

Heavy Soul Films


The Legend of Frankel

Dir:  Chris Durlacher

Oxford Scientific Films/Channel 4


Boom Bust Boom

Dir: Terry Jones

Bill & Ben Productions                                 


Mum & Dad Are Splitting Up

Dir:  Olly Lambert  

Rare Day TV/ BBC 2


Bach: A Passionate Life

Dir:  David Jeffcock 

Leopard Films/ BBC 2


Educating Essex

Dir:  David Clews

TwoFour Broadcast/ Channel 4

BAFTA 2012: Best Director Factual, RTS Nomination


Ross Kemp Extreme World: Haiti

Dir: Ewen Thompson

Tiger Aspect/ Sky 1




Destino: A Contemporary Dance Story

Dir:  Casswell Coggins

Duet Pictures/ Dance United


Life Class: Today’s Nude

Dir:  Alan Kane

Artangel/ Channel 4

BROADCAST 2010: Nomination


My Brother Marvin

Dir:  Bob Blagden

Double Jab/ Arolla Partners


Long Way Down (Ep 2 & 3)                                       

Dir:  Russ Malkin & David Alexanian

Elixir Films & Big Earth/BBC 2


Empire's Children: Chris Bisson

Dir: Elizabeth Dobson

Wall to Wall TV/Channel 4


Storyville: A Company of Soldiers

Dir: Tom Roberts

October Films/ WGBH/BBC 2

BAFTA 2006: Current Affairs Nomination, GRIERSON Nomination


Blood On Our Hands

Dir: Caroline Ross Pirie

Mentorn / Channel 4


Who Do You Think You Are: Lesley Garrett                         

Dir: Randall Wright

Wall to Wall/ BBC 2

BAFTA 2005: Factual Series Nomination


Dunkirk: Deliverance (Ep 3)

Dir:  Alex Holmes 


BAFTA 2005: Winner Huw Wheldon Award    


The Hunt for the Camden Ripper

Dir:  Olly Lambert 

Justabout TV/Channel 4


DNA: The Mortal Coil

Dir:  David Dugan & Tom Alkin

Windfall Films/ Channel 4/ PBS

EMMY 2005: Winner Outstanding Science

GRIERSON Award 2003: Winner Best Science     


John Adams: American Classic

Dir:  David Jeffcock 

RMAssociates/ Channel 4

GRIERSON Award 2004: Shortlisted “Best Documentary on the Arts”


Correspondent: Looking for Karadzic

Dir:  Fiona Lloyd Davies 

Guardian Films/ BBC


Howard Goodall’s Great Dates (x2)

Dir:  David Jeffcock 

Tiger Aspect/Channel 4


Murder in Paradise: Blue Murder

Dir:  Dimitri Doganis

Justabout TV/Channel 4


The Holocaust on Trial (US Vers)

Dir:  Leslie Woodhead

3BM TV/ WGBH Boston

EMMY 2001: Nomination


The Real Beach

Dir:  Dimitri Doganis

October Films/Channel 4


Howard Goodall’s Big Bangs (x3)

Dir:  David Jeffcock & Justine Kershaw

Tiger Aspect/Channel 4

BAFTA 2001: Huw Wheldon Award


EMMY Nomination  


Harold Pinter’s “Against the War”

Dir:  Stuart Urban

Cyclops Vision/BBC


A Brief History of Time   (Associate Editor)

Dir:  Errol Morris

 Anglia/ABC/Tokyo Broadcast

SUNDANCE 1992 - Grand Jury Prize